Friday, September 01, 2006

I made it!

I got home all safe and stuff, which is good. Although there was a woman next to me who ordered a brandy right at the start of the flight, which she then didn't drink till the end, so I had 7 hours smelling brandy... Not so good when you're not feeling too well to begin with! whatever.

Monday was a bank holiday, so Mum was off work, which meant she came and met me (for which I'm very grateful) with all my bags. Then she kept me awake all afternoon visiting, so that I slept very well on Monday night!

Haven't actually done much since I've been home. I've caught up with the family, obviously, and today I went to Trafford with a Rachel to get another Rach a birthday present... but that's it. Need to send off my student loan form so they'll give me money. Important.

Currently I'm sitting in my Mum's office while she's faffing around sorting out databases etc (she brought the wrong one home to work on) so I thought I'd take advantage of it to use internet that isn't dialup (I'm sure Mum appreciates it too, saves on her phone bill!) Have just replied to an email from college asking me how long I want my room for - my answer was "As long as possible so you don't keep making me shift all my stuff!". Well, more or less. It was slightly politer, but that's the basic sentiment.