Wednesday, June 24, 2009



(And am excited enough to use caps to tell you so.)

It's going to be cold. But great.


As for the job hunt, it's going slowly. I keep applying for things, though, so that's a start. I was going to apply to be the Hagglund driver at the Antarctic Centre, but the place filled too fast. Probably just as well - I'm not amazingly confident driving Daisy at times, let alone an Antarctic ATV with passengers.

Ooh, here's another exciting job I found:

Scott Base - Winter Science Technician
Listing #: 224045238
Company: Antarctica New Zealand
Location: Christchurch City, Canterbury
Listed: Fri, 12 Jun
Type: Full time, Contract/Temp
The Winter Science Technician provides technical support to science events operating in Antarctica, and reports to the Scott Base Coordinator.

Key tasks include the operation and maintenance of scientific equipment; collection, recording, and updating data associated with experiments or operations; computer administration and support for Scott Base personnel and science staff; biological monitoring of the waste water treatment plant; serving on the Scott Base Fire Crew; serving on the HAZMAT response team; and assisting in other areas when required.

The successful applicant will have relevant qualifications in electronics and/or computing; extensive post-qualification experience; experience in a science/laboratory environment; diagnostic and repair skills; network and computer support skills; strong time management skills; possess the personal attributes to be able to relate well with others from diverse professional backgrounds; demonstrate that they value safety, caring for the environment, teamwork, and delivering quality customer service; hold a full NZ motor vehicle drivers licence; a current work place first aid certificate and be certified as medically fit for Antarctic employment by Antarctica New Zealand's Medical Assessor.

This is a thirteen month role from September 2009 ? October 2010. We will also be selecting a "standby" position from the applications, to be available on call for the duration of the 2009/10 season.

Alas, I am woefully underqualified. Don't even think I can blag my way through the application form. Knew I should have learned to speak Penguin.

Anyway, back to it. Wish me luck!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Time stamp

Hopefully I've just set up the time stamp properly, so it recognises that I'm not posting at 4am.


EDIT: Success! At least on my end.


It's very cold here. For all their green-ness, Kiwis seem to have completely missed the revolution that is insulation. Or central heating.

Anyway, that aside things are going pretty well. R and I made our way down here from Hopewell, where we've spent May being super-cleaners. Not a hard task when the place is nearly empty most of the time, so that meant we got to spend a lot of time in front of the log fire. Oh yes indeedy. And baking (see previous post).

We came down via Hamner Springs, which is a thermal resort. There's something wonderful about going for a walk in the crisp coldness and then spending the afternoon/early evening soaking in hot pools. Top it off with a tasty dinner and some lovely wine, and you've got a perfect weekend.

Now, though, it's time to get job hunting and looking for a place to live. Currently we're at R's cousin's place, which is cool but we're thinking that a bit more independence would be good. However, flat-shares are much cheaper, so who knows. Depends on what kind of jobs we get, I suppose.

In other news, today was the day of blood tests and things to decide whether I actually have developed lactose intolerance. Crippling stomach pains at the orchard (when we were eating a lot of yoghurt, milk and cheese) would suggest so, as would the fact that the pains have stopped since I've cut down on those foods. In any case, I'll find out early next week whether I'll have to give up cheese for good (sniff).

And that's that, for now. Off to get CVs updated (our apple-picking credentials might land us that perfect job) and then get them sent to temp agencies, so that they can ignore us in favour of actual Kiwis... I'm so optimistic!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Domestic goddess

Today I made bacon and egg pie with peppers and mushrooms, and Mexican chicken soup, and some tasty oaty biscuits, all from scratch. And they all worked! \o/

To be fair, the biscuits should have had raisins in them and instead gained chocolate chips and dried apple, and some of the oats were replaced by berry muesli, but still. Yum. Even managed to poach eggs without making a terrible mess or a bland version of egg-drop soup, so that's something.

Only problem now is eating everything. Need more volunteers...

Oh, and R has been occasionally posting photos from his fancy phone to his blog. Have a look if you haven't recently.