Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Hey look I'm updating!

So I spent last Thursday in Edinburgh, which was good. I was up there to get a Russian visa, because Marianna (my Russian tutor at Durham) said that it was easier to get to and more relaxed than the one in London. I'm glad, because we know what happened in London on Thursday. To all those affected, I'm thinking of you. Stay brave.

What else? Erm... I was working at the NorthWest Face Indoor Climbing Centre over the weekend, which was fun. I've worked there for far longer than I care to admit now, I think it's almost six years. Considering I'm only 21, I think that's good going!

And exciting events of the week include getting the deposit back from the house I was living in last year, so that's gone straight in the bank to try and reduce my (scarily large) overdraft. I like getting money back. It's a good feeling. There's also a wedding reception on Saturday (not me... my Mum's cousin and his fiancee), and then I'm off to Chicago on Sunday to see my boy again! Yay!

Ok that's enough for now. I might update again before I leave to see Rob, or I might just leave it till I'm there and bored while he's at work. wait and see!

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