Friday, October 28, 2005

Whew that was a long email yesterday. And I didn't get through half of
what we did...

Currently I have so much to do and I'm a little scared. Trying to sort
out Canadian visas seems to be the main thing (it says I can apply in
"the country where I was legally admitted" - does that mean I can
apply at the embassy in Moscow, or do I have to send all my stuff to
London? Answers on a postcard please... or actually by email or by
comment, since postcards wouldn't reach me in time). Yes I know I
should have sorted this all out already, and really if the worst comes
to the worst I can still go and sit in on university classes without a
problem until my money runs out. This is just to see if I can get
paid, which would be nice. The YMCA in Montreal has a language school,
so I've emailed them to see if I could help out there. I've also said
I can work in the centres themselves if there's work going there. Hope
I didn't sound too desperate (although I am by now!)

On a more relaxing note... nope I don't have one. I'm trying to
negotiate the perils of the Russian postal system to send people
letters and things, but I don't think I'm in the correct state of mind
today (or ever, really, but I'm going to try very soon).

I would like to still be in Mongolia and not worrying about these things!

We're going to book the train to Moscow in December soon too (Monday?)
so Fi, if you can't have us all staying now's the time to let us know!

On the plus side, it's supposed to snow soon. I'm sceptical. I also
just spelt sceptical with a k, silly American spelling taking over!

Right, I'm going to find out what's going on in the world and stop
typing random crap. You can all breathe a sigh of relief.

(Rob, thanks for calling this morning - that made me happy)


Coffee is thicker than water...


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avatar_of_cunning said...

have either of you two actyally read my blog? I only posted this 30 seconds ago...I"m not interested in either dog houses or whatever the hell bulk leads are. Sorry.

Indith said...

ah random things...don't get those at lj *grins* of course I can still have you all...although who is 'all' exactly? all of coffee clubbers or all of you who are currently in Siberia? Anyways if I decide I'll run out of floor space I'll find you a nice hostel somewhere! xxx

avatar_of_cunning said...

Yay that's great! ("All" is all of us in Krasnoyarsk - Ben, Rach M, Vicki, Sophie, Christine and my esteemed self.) Will let you know details as soon as we have the train booked. See you in December!

Indith said...

good stuff. I think 6 of you will fit but i don't have enough bedding for 6! can attempt to borrow blankets off friends tho. Yay!! looking forward to it now!