Saturday, April 01, 2006

Ah the joys of bureaucracy

Which may or may not be spelt correctly. It's one of those words.
So it appears that my plans to study in the states are scuppered (good word that). Basically, after calling a big long list of colleges in Chicago yesterday (that was a fun way to spend my morning) I found out that the immigration people have a great system, whereby if I want a student visa I need to take a full degree-type course for three years or whatever. I can't study on a tourist visa except for "incidental study" whatever that might be (the lady I was talking to didn't know either, she'd had different answers from different immigration officials), and that only gives me three months anyway. What annoys me is that if I wasn't British and didn't have a visa waiver agreement with the US then I'd have to get a visa, which could be anything up to two years. But because Britain is a friendly country, I can't stay in the States for an extra 30 days. Make sense to you? Certainly doesn't to me.
Anyway, enough of that. I passed my exam with 94% and my course with 93%, so now I'm in level 8... wooo... and should really get back to my lesson. Just felt like ranting (again) about the crazy US immigration system.

Coffee is thicker than water...


Indith said...

Which would be why we don't really like Americans. Well, most of them. I make the odd exception, but none of them have anything to do with visas.

Mum said...

Woo! go you on your high percentage grades! your coffee addiction is slightly concerning me now though... lv amy x x x x