Saturday, May 27, 2006


I've managed to pay my phone bill (in the third bank I tried... why do they close at 3? this is not a reasonable time for things to close).
Have not managed to cancel my phone, despite walking up to the shop with phone in box with everything, the bill to pay and the bills that were wrong. The stores don't take payments unless they're credit card and they don't deal with cancellations, meaniing I will still have my phone. What is wrong with this company? They've given me a $150 phone and I can't give it back to them? weird. So I came to the decision that procrastinating is good - I can keep my phone till I have finished with Canada altogether (after the wedding and stuff) and then cancel it, since I need to do that over the phone and pay the cancellation charge with my credit card anyway.

Still need to call the bank so I can see how much money I don't have (and be able to pay off my credit card bill when necessary, which was probably about 3 months ago). I hate companies.

My hands have decided to randomly generate black smudges on them whnever I do anything. This strikes me as odd. Must be bird flu/SARS (remember that?)/mad cow disease or something.

Anyway, I'm clearly going insane so I'll stop typing now and drink my coffee.

Coffee is thicker than water...


bec said...

Hey Sara, well i dont know what i was doing on the uni comps but it just didnt like me leaving you messages!So am on my Dads comp in sunny Labuan!Off to Bali on the 15th,v.exciting!Come out 4 a month after my three hard years studying (ahem) at uni are over, I DONT WANT 2 GET A JOB, DONT MAKE ME LEAVE! Anyways,i read your blogs from the most recent back to the last one i read and i have 2 say i thought you ment your wedding!Which is daft as your mum already told me about going to the wedding when she is there,plus why would nobody of told me? doh!! Glad to hear your still loving every min,will we ever see you again?Oh dear, longest comment ever, might as well of just sent an email! Love u, Bec x x x

bec said...

p.s love the hair x x x

Mum said...

hellooo there my sister!