Friday, July 14, 2006

Still busy

And don't have the internet, so posting becomes more of an issue.
Currently I'm sitting in Rob's office waiting for him to finish work so we can go and get some food (I locked myself out of the flat, which wasn't very clever, but ok when it was warm and I could sit in the park... it's now almost 9 and I'm hungry!)
I don't actually know where my days are going. They all just seem to pass really fast and it's already the 13th of July... <sigh> silly time.
Anyways, I'm mostly just rambling because I decided I should update my blog since I'm in an office full of computers anyway (I'm using Jim's, so that's ok. He won't mind. Or even know, unless Rob tells him.)
Um. Independance Day stuff was fun, lots of people, lots of fireworks, lots of sitting in the office and drinking (it looks out toward the lake, which is where the fireworks were happening, and being on the 8th floor we got a really good view). Oh and eating sandwiches for the next week that had been bought by the company - they were expecting about 40 people and only 15 turned up, so we had lots and lots and lots of food and drink left over. Fun.
Also, watched the world cup final at Lee's house (he's from Bury, therefore very interested - as are most people in this company, with it being an international firm. Everyone seems to realise there's a world outside the US. I think some of them may even have passports. Don't tell the government.) That was also fun and involved more alcohol. There was a "wine and cheese battle" between France and Italy, since they were in the finals... it all made sense at the time.
Anyway, I appear to be spending more time thinking about what I'd like to eat that what I'm writing (I could probably be arrested for my above comments) so I'm going to stop writing and concentrate on getting Rob out of here. We should have the interweb (which I'm going to call the internet from now on) soon, so I keep getting told, so then I can type away to my heart's content and you'll all be bored of reading it.
Till then...
(oh and do you like my "Earth Status" tag? I thought it was good to know that the Earth is not destroyed. Of course, I don't think I'll be able to check if the Armageddon happens, but...)

Coffee is thicker than water...

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Indith said...

Hello! Not said Hi in ages so there you go. I've eaten cake in Vennels more recently than you and I get to go again on Thursday. There is something to be said for having to go up to Durham for the midwife.

avatar_of_cunning said...

Jealous! Although not of the midwife bit :)