Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween party

There was a Halloween party last night. I was going to go as a goth (heh) but then my friend had kitty ears and a collar, so I ended up going as a goth cat. It was quite awesome!

My hair isn't actually black, although it looks like it - it's a deep, velvety purple that doesn't come out well under yellowish lights : ) I was bored of the last one, it had faded muchly:

So I changed it, with many comments including "But your hair's not exciting any more!" to which my answer was "But... it's purple, how is that not exciting?!" People.

In other news, am feeling the pinch today. Got my bank statement the other day to discover that my student loan didn't cover my accommodation (uni provided accommodation), let alone my books that came to £90 for ONE MODULE... Drank coke last night (25p for half a pint), and I've been trawling the Job Shop for part time stuff. The thing is, I don't want a job - I want to concentrate on my degree because I'm close enough to failing at least the Russian part of it. I'm working hard and it's all just sliding out of reach.


Indith said...

Dark know I'm not so sure dear......we are far too used to your hair being bright! But then my dear sis is all goth like so maybe I have purple and black overexposure....

avatar_of_cunning said...

Heh over-exposure makes photos lighter, why not hair colour..?

I quite like it, and the more I wash it the lighter it'll go because I used a mixture of dyes (there was a complicated thought of making the purple more red based to counter the blue that was already on my hair). We shall see...

Mum said...

sara i love youre hair!!! it looks really nice!!!

oh, how i want that colour in my hair!!!!

love from your dearest sister


Mum said...

and yes i spelt "youre" not "your"