Thursday, April 17, 2008

Workplace rantings

Is there any particular reason why my workplace has decided that database checking for a large and important customer should be done by the two people in the office who know nothing about said databases?

Granted, it should be simple enough - follow these handy step-by-step instructions. Oh wait, they assume knowledge of the software. Hmm. Never mind, it can be explained by the people who are running the software upgrade. Ah, but they don't know what the instructions really want. Useful. Until they work it out and create a whole new set of documents we're on some downtime. Ah well, not like these databases need to go out soon, is it? Oh, Friday's tomorrow. Sorry, customer, we're late again.

It's not like I mind sitting around and doing nothing - I'm naturally quite lazy. However, when there's a job for me to do, I'd quite like to get on and do it, thanks very much. When I'm prevented from doing that by the very people who I'm supposed to be helping, I get annoyed. Grr.

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