Monday, October 20, 2008

We bought a car!

Or, more accurately, R bought a car. I was present though, so that counts for something.

It's a 1998 Ford Escort estate, with a 1.8 diesel engine. It's a workhorse! And I imagine is really heavy to drive. I have to keep up my climbing strength somehow. And it's green! Which is an important factor, obviously. Green is good. Apparently it's R's third green car, which is good?

We went to Waiheke Island recently (last Tuesday or so) and hired scooters for the day, which was a lot of fun. Did mean that we couldn't do the vineyard tour, but that's probably just as well. Carrying lots of bottles of wine, while tasty, would be hard work. We both survived pretty well, although R did try driving off the road a couple of times. I claim no responsibility for that. Just because I meeped my horn at him to tell him to drive on the left is no reason to drive on the left-hand verge, in my opinion.

The scooters were a little scary on the roads though. Suddenly there was an 80kph road, and our little speedos only went up to 60... but we survived, I was nearly overtaken by a bus, and all is well. We were very glad when we dropped them off though, and had a local bottle of wine to celebrate. With a delicious meal, I should add, not on the street with it wrapped in brown paper.

Waiheke itself is absolutely beautiful - golden beaches, turquoise sea, green hills... all the stuff you see on the brochures and think they've Photoshopped is actually how it looks. Unless someone Photoshopped my eyes, which would be weird.


John said...

Safer than a scooter but not as much fun,coming to visit on google earth.Love Dad.

Mark said...

scooter off road!!

That gives a whole new meaning to the word NUTTER

Glad you are having a great time

Sue said...

Hi Sara, just got the link off your mum so came to see what you're up to. Sounds marvellous. Love from all as usual X X

Claire said...

HAHA!!! I told Rob he should have had some driving practice in my car on the way back from Brighton!!! Silly boy! At least when I was in fance doing the same thing, I could blame tiredness what is your escuse!!!

Glad you having fun though Sara!! Just stay away untill Rob gets use to driving on the correct side of the road :P