Monday, December 01, 2008


I still can't get used to the fact that December is sunny. I keep thinking that it's going to get much colder by Christmas.

Currently we're in Nelson, which is the sunniest place in NZ. Just to prove it, it's raining. Oh well.

I'm sure I had lots to write about, but I've largely forgotten it all. Luckily this place has free internet, which is nice, so I can come back tomorrow and write lots. You have been warned...

Also there are a couple of photos up on Picasaweb. Unfortunately I have to upload them in batches of five, which takes a very long time, so there aren't many for now.


Sue said...

Hi Sara, looking good, do keep an eye on how things are going with you then occasionally go look up my blog password :-) Sounds wonderful even if it is raining!

Mark said...

If you happen to find a lost Bass Guitar on your travels DHL do a good service!!

Who needs to work when you can go busking. You now have the guitar to go with Robs collection hat.

Everything going great over here but over their you have the added benefit of warmth and sun!!!

Em and Jim have asked me to send a BIG HI, so thats that done.

BTW WRT the message on their card.... you are not that far away and you will have to face the music at some stage !!!:-)

remember to keep moving and they wont catch up with you. Keep enjoying it and have a great time.