Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Well I think that's enough photos for one day... how am I going to bore you all with slideshows if I show you all the photos now?! And getting them to arrange nicely is really difficult using this little input box that is designed mostly for text, I think. Anyways, more when I can be bothered!


Bob said...

Hi again, lovely photos, sounds like you're having a wonderful time :-)The pictures of the lake look fantastic- really peaceful. Bob has posted a few photos of Singapore on our Blog -
He's on the island of Labuan now but hasn't got his network set up yet. Anyway I'll come back again in a few days and see where you're up to by then. Love sue

Bob said...

oh and in case you missed the earlier posting cos it's way down, Bob changed the name of my blog as he started posting to it - Glad you liked Charlie and the Chocolate factory - it has my vote as one of the best films ever, I thought it was wonderful :-) Love Sue