Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Well, I'm back in England and have been for a week. Can't seem to shake the jet-lag this time (maybe I'm just lazy and like sleeping late, or maybe I'm just living on the "student" timetable which I didn't do whilst at uni). Ah well. Just means that when I actually go to Russia (yay more travelling east) it'll suck some more... boo.

Did nothing at all last week, it was... quite boring actually. So on Saturday we (my mum, my sister and myself) went to the Tate Liverpool to see an exhibition on psychedelia. It made my head hurt in various different ways... my sister said I blended in. The cheek. My hair's not even that bright at the moment! Then today (all this weekend in fact, but we went today) it was the Matthew St Festival, also in Liverpool - lots of free stages round the city, with various bands and things happening. It was pretty good, and the atmosphere was decent - probably because all the pubs were checking ID, although this did mean that we couldn't go and see any of the bands playing in the pubs (Amy's still underage, awww).

So having not been to Liverpool in a very very long time, I've now been there twice in 3 days, and am going back again on Thursday cos Mindy's coming up! Yay! (Mindy was one of my housemates last year - can't believe that went by so fast - and we were each other's worst influences :) so next year isn't going to be the same without her!)

And on Saturday I'm heading down to London, and then it's off to Russia on Sunday... I'm a little scared.

There'll probably be more later this week when I'm discovering that I'm actually going to Russia. It's still not quite real...


Bob said...

Hi Sara,
Looks like you are having fun. I am sure you will like Russia. Lots of my friends have been there. Apart from one, who was on a rig in the middle of the steppes shooting rabbits or anything that moved to eat, everyone else has told me that it was great.
Pease, Love and Happiness.
P.S. I still like your hair.

Indith said...

Yay Russia!! Do you have Mark and Jenny's e mail addresses? Can't find them and given that they are in the same city as me I thought I maight track them down.....

If you want to visit moscow don't forget I have a floor!

Mum said...

Hi Sweetheart,

Hope you arrived safe, I'm working on the principle no news is good news.

I couldn't say on Saturday but I will miss you this year. So keep on emailing/blogging or writing letters!

Keep safe and don't do anything daft

Love Mum