Friday, January 13, 2006


I'm finally in Montreal, which I finally got around to exploring today (we've been having issues with not having enough keys, but they arrived today so I disappeared off into town). I like the city, although I did end up a bit lost and in a sketchy part of town... but then I found the gay village and felt ok :)

I'm trying to get a job sorted out, but I can't remember how to write a cv in French... I have one on my computer but not the programme to open it with! Ah well it will be good practice. There's a few climbing walls around here so if the Language school thing doesn't work out I'm going to try to do something in one of those. I keep calling the woman from the YMCA, but keep getting her voicemail - maybe she changed her mind about me!

Ok well back to the searching of how to write in French...

Coffee is thicker than water...

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