Thursday, January 19, 2006

Silly Montreal

It appears the weather everywhere in the world is crazy. We had snow, then it all froze to a nice glassy finish, and this morning as I was heading to the metro it was raining (and hasn't stopped) resulting in the pavements having that well-known adhesive surface of ice overlaid with water. I (and the rest of the people I saw out) walked on the road. Well, they should grit the pavements too!

So what, you may ask, was I doing out in the morning? It is a good question. I was on my way to talk to a very nice lady from the YMCA language school, to see about volunteering (and possibly getting paid... but visas are funny things). Here's what happened:

I went in, we had a chat, she said volunteering would be fine and she'd see about a reduction in the cost of a French class (obviously I'm not needed to teach French, cos that'd be silly). So I did the test de niveau and got 5 (out of 6, not bad when I haven't spoken French since June and kept trying to answer in Russian) and the lady who did my conversation part said I could join the evening class which has already started, but only a week ago. That's tomorrow night.
When I came home, I got a phone call saying that I could start the class tomorrow (just to make sure I knew) and that because I was volunteering I wouldn't have to pay the $115 foreign person registration fee and would also get 10% off the cost of the course. Not bad for an hour a week taking an oral class!

So that's good, I'll head off to class tomorrow night and realise I really shouldn't be there... :)

But at least it means progress is being made on the speaking of French in Montreal, a surprisingly difficult task in a city where you're greeted in shops by "Bonjour, can I help you ce matin?". Takes a bit of getting used to.
Coffee is thicker than water...

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Mum said...

Hi Sara,
you have got me confused, why are you taking french classes? and what work are you doing at the wmca?