Thursday, February 09, 2006

A dozen red peppers

It's a strange title, but let me explain.

I was out the other night in a very cool pub (yes actual pub in North America! I was impressed) watching my housemates play music and celebrating Brian's birthday. A good time was being had, when the ubiquitous friends of friends appeared... one of them, a guy called Miles, looked at my DUMC shirt and asked me in a rather threatening manner what I was doing wearing that shirt. I answered that I was a student at Durham, and how did he know what that was anyway? There followed a long story of him meeting a girl in some country and them getting on really well and blah blah blah... then

"Hey, do you still know people in Durham?"
"Yes, of course I do, why?"
"Do you know anyone crazy enough to deliver a dozen red peppers to this girl sometime? It's like a private joke."
"I know some crazy people, I'll do my best..."

Which resulted in lots of drinks being bought and much handshaking and professing of how cool I am. I knew that already, but it's nice to have it confirmed by drunk semi-randoms :)

There's not much other news. I'm ill and it sucks. But at least I'm not feeling sick any more.

So if anyone is crazy enough to deliver a dozen red peppers to a girl in Durham, with a small message from Miles, let me know. It would make his week I think. Not sure about hers, having never met her, but come on, be nice to the crazy Canadian!
Coffee is thicker than water...

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