Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Christmas and stuff

I'm updating a little later than planned, oops.

So Christmas and all that was good. Rob came over from the States, which was really cool. I don't get to see him nearly enough, so having a whole three weeks with him was great :D We spent a lot of time making mince pies ('cos they're just so good) and walking my nan's dog. Crazy puppy. We also got climbing, which was cool, and of course Rob did the (re)meeting of the family since it had been a while.

New Year was... interesting! We were heading into Manchester for a house party, which was hampered by the fact that BOTH of my home town's train stations were closed. On New Year's Eve. Without any replacement buses (or indeed any buses into Manchester at all). So that involved an expensive taxi to a neighbouring town to catch the train from there. Bastards. But we got there eventually, and had fun (although Rob did drink too much whisky, not helped by the fact that when he asked for water he got given a rather strong gin and tonic instead... not my fault, I hasten to add!)

So yes, good holidays. Now I'm back in Durham and am supposed to be writing an essay, as you can tell by the fact that I'm updating my blog instead. Ho hum.

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Mum said...

yay! christmas!
yay! new year!
yay! sara being home!
yay! for rob too!
boohiss for it being over and back to work.
speak to you soon dear sister of mine