Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Overdue update...

I seem to be leaving far too long between updates. Ah well.

All is well at the moment. Plenty of work to be doing, but then that's what the final year is (apparently) about. I feel mislead. It's all good though - translation is just fun in a geeky kind of way, and one of my modules involves reading French books that are highly explicit. The one I'm currently reading ("Therese et Isabelle" by Violette Leduc) is basically a full-on naughty schoolgirl story. Fun.

Been spending far too much time out and drinking though. Two weeks ago I took a bunch of friends to Formal, which is essentially a formal dinner with gowns and stuff, but with a lot of quite bizarre rules. For example, you're not allowed to stand up once High Table have entered except for Grace or to get water, stealing other people's place settings is quite normal, and in order to signal to High Table that we're ready for food we spend half an hour (usually) banging our spoons on the tables in various rhythms, just like four-year-olds. It's all highly amusing, especially since consuming a bottle of wine each in about an hour is the norm.

After formal we went to Planet of Sound, the union's club night, more often (and accurately) called Hounds. I'll let you work out why. Whatever you're thinking, it's probably right. In there I threatened to punch someone in the nose if he groped me again - he [i]almost[/i] came back, but then apparently realised that I was serious and walked away. I hate when people think that because I'm wearing a skirt they can put their hands underneath it. Just no! Le sigh.

Last weekend (the one just gone) was my friend's birthday, so that involved more drunkenness, a really good home-made Italian meal (he made the pasta from scratch and everything, very impressive) and then another Hounds trip. This time I didn't threaten to punch anyone, because I was wearing jeans and looked more Goth and therefore harder to get? I don't know, but it was nice.

Yesterday we continued his celebrations by having his friend over to cook us a meal. Now this other friend is head chef or something similar in a pretty decent Indian restaurant in Durham, so you can imagine how excited we all were. It was truly amazing, really spicy but with flavour as well as heat. I love Indian food and spice in general, and had been complaining about how boring our catered meals are (they used oregano the other day and I got really excited, so that gives you an idea) so I was particularly enjoying it. Mmmm good food...

This weekend coming up, I have some friends visiting! They're both graduates from Durham, so we're going to have a nostalgic weekend (despite the fact I'm still here), and probably end up in Hounds again on Friday... after which I will be Hounded out for the term!

This is long now, so I'll stop. Back to the translations for me! xx

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