Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Secret History of Revolving Doors, and other stories

I found this article while browsing The Nonist. I enjoy reading that blog - the prose is wonderful, and the articles interesting and varied in their topics. Where else would have a post about revolving doors that wasn't along the lines of "I hate them" or "I got stuck in one once"? Go and read it, and be drawn in.

In other news, research for New Zealand continues apace. The plan is to spend two years there on a working holiday visa, so lots of paperwork to be done and hoops to be jumped through. I feel like a circus animal, although one that hasn't been put down due to animal cruelty fears.

A shiny camera has been bought! Look at it, and drool with me:

So very pretty. I'm excited to pick it up in March, when I go to visit my boy in Chicago. Oh yes, I get to go back to the Windy City, and I'm looking forward to it. How can I resist this city? It has beautiful lakefront and towering buildings, green spaces and bustle, and most of all great people , some of whom I'm proud to call friends. Oh yes, I'm looking forward to it, and maybe my shiny new toy will be broken in on the varied and beautiful images that Chicago holds.

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Syrrys said...

Heh well I'm glad we finally really did get it ordered after those other bastards decided that they didn't have any in stock!
You have no idea how tempting it is having it around but not being able to play with it.
It's almost as tempting as having you around. :P