Thursday, February 14, 2008


Today's a beautifully sunny day, and sitting here in the office I'm reminded of walking through Hyde and Regents Parks last November with a certain someone. It was a day much like today, crisp and cold, and the sun turned the leaves into a coppery mass. The Canada gate by Buckingham Palace seemed to glow, with its gold leaf caught in the light, and the Horse Guards were a spectacular sight, buckles gleaming and the horses' coats shining.

We stopped for coffee by the Serpentine, and watched the dog walkers and horse riders go by. Later, we saw a parrot, looking as at home amongst the English oaks as I imagine it would in the rainforest. It may have been a little chilly though - do birds feel the cold? I think so.

I hope that we'll have many more memories like this. What's the Kiwi equivalent of Hyde Park? I want to have coffee there, on a sharp sunny morning, and watch the world go by.

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