Friday, September 23, 2005

Not much has happened since the last time I wrote (unsurprisingly, it being only two days later)... Mongolia still isn't sorted, and won't be until I actually have some money (stupid student loans!)... we're going to a club tonight called Che Guavara (accompanied and escorted by Russians, so that's ok) and then it's off to Stolby tomorrow (Stolby is a national park type thing, that from the photos I've seen looks rather like Fontainebleau in France where the Durham Climbing Club went at Easter... how exciting!)... should be good.

My haziyaika (hostess type person) made pirozhki (pies) at 11 o'clock last night... they were sooo good fresh from the frying pan... Think I might actually head home and eat some more :)

More when I have something interesting to say!


Rush Murad said...

Hi there! Just dropping by, interesting blog u have here.

Mum said...

Hi Take some pic's of the park and upload on to your blog please.

Indith said...

You not got your loan yet? I have mine!

And I get paid soon! yay!

Oh and I too hate Explorer refering to past posts but my firefox has died a death. *cries*