Friday, September 09, 2005

Some generalisations about Russians:

1) They all smoke. Everyone seems very surprised that none of us Durhamites smoke, and with cigarettes costing about 9roubles a packet, it's not hard to see why! Maybe I should take it up just so I can think about how much I'm saving by not smoking in England :)

2) Every woman under 35 wears stillettos. All the time. Apparently that doesn't change when it starts to snow either...

Autumn is much like that in England, it likes to rain. A lot.

It's Christine's birthday today, so we went to the zoo! It was actually quite depressing in places, makes you realise just how good English/North American zoos are. Although I now want a reindeer, because we were feeding one grass and it let us stroke its nose... it was soooo soft! Oooh and possibly a yak, because I've never seen one before and it was like a walking carpet :)

It got cold, so we ate the chocolate cake we bought and then went back into town and straight into the nearest cafe. We're planning on going to a restaurant in a bit, and then to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory... although it'll be in Russian, so "Charli u Shokoladniy Fabrike"... I'm so excited!


Mum said...

Tip received from an experienced traveller:
if your going through China take a lot of Marlboro then when you need help/direction everybodies friendly. Worth doing if they are only a few rubles.

Mum said...

On Thursday night,
Amy was thinking of ways to save money for her hols. She came out with a similar comment if she smoked she could quit to save some money!
Have I been a bad mother discouraging you from smoking so you cannot buy in russia/quit to save money?