Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Sorry my last post was angry... I was just, well, angry. Silly computers.

But, all is still going well here. I am now the proud owner of furry boots! And no, they're not stilettos, I decided to be practical (and stillettos aren't really me anyways). They're not actually needed yet, since the weather has now decided to be chilly in the morning and then really warm in the afternoons... this causes a dilemma, because the university building is freezing! We asked one of our teachers today about heating, and she said that heating in Russia is not like in Britain (or anywhere else on the known planet, for that matter) - instead of each building having its own system, the whole town is on one central heating system... and because it's so warm still, we don't get heating until the bosses in their offices get cold. Boo.

In other, rather more exciting news, we're finally getting trips to Mongolia sorted! We're down to looking for accommodation and finalising train times so we can make sure everything connects and then buy tickets... it's exciting! (But hard work). I could not be a travel rep, it's hard enough trying to make sure I'm where I need to be, never mind 300 other people!

We're also making new friends. The best way to do this (or one that works so far) is to sit in the canteen at uni and talk in English till someone comes over to practise their English with us, at which point we terrify them with our appalling Russian... there's benefits of being put in the foreign languages department (the building does not class as a benefit).

Hope everyone is doing well, I might get around to writing letters (ha!) or more likely postcards to people at some point. Send me your address if you want one, cos then I'll have fewer excuses not to write.


Mum said...

glad you are happier, hope you remember your home address for the postcards!

Syrrys said...

I might be annoyed if you forgot my address too...

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