Saturday, December 10, 2005

Last full day in Krasnoyarsk

Yup, tomorrow it's time to get on a train and head for Moscow... all very exciting, but sad. There are some great people here, and I'm happy to have met them, but leaving them will be strange. Going to Moscow where we don't know any Russians will be strange - we've been so used to bumping into people we know we've felt like locals!
Moscow I'm looking forward to though - Red Square, St Basil's Cathedral, Lenin... and I have already been warned by Mark not to take any parts of Lenin as a souvenir, so I'll bear that in mind. Might be a little tricky to explain at customs anyway.
So, the next time I write I'll probably be in Chicago! That's going to be a long post...
As for now, it's off home to pack for me. Not looking forward to that, my "acquisitive instinct" seems to have got the better of me here... silly rouble being such good value!
So, for the last time, "From Russia with Love"
Sara xx

Coffee is thicker than water...

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Mum said...

heya!!! i cant believe you're leaving already! even tho i havnt been in russia with u i feel sad that ur leaving which is bizarre as dont know anyone and its closer to me seeing u but ill miss ur crazy russian adventures, i hope u have as many in chicago/canada/wherever but not with men with guns or in prison etc. have a safe journey love amy xx