Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The PowerGoth Girls

So this is apparenlty me. Yay for having internet that doesn't cost me money!

I will get round to writing about Moscow and stuff in more detail, but for now I'm just going to say that I made it to Chicago safely (and they let me in the country with remarkable ease) and it's my birthday! So celebrations will be had.

(A very confused as to the time zone) Sara xx


Indith said...

*waves* Tsk tsk you naughty girl you left 360r in debt to me! Sophie was very sweetly worried about it and even sparked a conversation about you being able to pay me back online in a bank transfer. I pointed out it really isn't worth bothering about. Bless. I have instead most graciously decided to allow you to repay me in slices of cake once coffee club returns to Durham.

Have fun! xxx

avatar_of_cunning said...

Oooops I remembered when I got to the airport! I gave Sophie and Christine all the change I had... sorry. Cakes and coffee will be bought in great quantities in Durham, never fear...

And happy new year!