Thursday, December 01, 2005

I was on tv!

It was all a little strange...

I'd been told that it would be on between 8-9am. That was fine, maybe
a little early for my taste but sacrifices could be made for my tv
debut. However, when I emerged just after 8 my haziaika a) was very
surprised to see me that early and b) told me that the piece had been
shown at 7.15. Well. I went back to my room and texted the crew,
saying not to bother getting up because it had been on, when there was
a shout from the kitchen - "It's being repeated!" So I got to watch
myself trundling around Krasnoyarsk and making silly grammatical
mistakes after all. My haziaika found it hilarious, I cringed. But
still, it was an experience.

Now I just need to get a copy...

Follwing from this, we were in lessons yesterday when the Dean came in
and asked to speak to the teacher. Fine, ok. The teacher came back in
and told us that we'd been "invited" to teach at a school on Friday
and that the Dean was quite keen that we did it. Why do we keep
getting volunteered for things? And why did she not ask us herself,
since she came down to find us anyway? So this has been causing much
unhappiness, with people feeling like they should go even though they
don't want to. I, on the other hand, said "Sod that" and so did Ben
and Christine. It's our last (full) weekend in Krasnoyarsk people, we
have things we want to do! I don't like being volunteered for things,
and especially when the person who did the volunteering won't even
tell us herself.... <angry>

But, there's good news too. I have my plane tickets! So I can actually
leave the country all legally and stuff and not have to stow away and
freeze to death in the wheel carriage space. This is a relief to all

Apart from that, we have a busy time until we leave. Tonight we're
going for coffee with Julia (need to leave soon), tomorrow there's
teaching and a goodbye party thing for us at the school, and maybe
ice-skating, and I'm sure there were at least 3 other things we had
pencilled in for tomorrow. Our list includes films, theatre, more
skiing, dinner at Renata's (the Canadian girl), shopping for presents
and vodka, clubbing, general hanging out with Russians, along with
somehow going to uni and doing the work for that too. We need a group
diary. Or a secretary, that'd be good. Send your CVs to...

Well, time for me to be off. I may get chance to write again before we
leave for Moscow, but if not, well, you'll have to wait won't you?

Love to all xx
Coffee is thicker than water...


Indith said...

can't believe you guys have so little time left! it means i have so little time left too! well, more than you but the scary fact is that next year and end of January is really not far away.......scary stuff. Buy Russian scrabble. Its fun. THe russian won buy hey ho i was beating her for most of it!

avatar_of_cunning said...

Yeah I know... last day of lectures today, was all sad and stuff... but does mean that this time next week we'll be in Moscow, which is very exciting!