Saturday, March 11, 2006

Intensive French classes

The only problem I have with there being only two of us in the class is that when the other girl doesn't show up (like today) I have one on one French tuition for four hours. It's exhausting and I've only been here an hour and a half!
Luckily for the next hour or so we're watching some Quebecois comedy show (I'm not sure whether I'll understand it or not) and then it's the traditional cafe outing. Yay Fridays.
Later will be going to see my flatmates play at the Crescent St Pub. Now, this pub is right next door to Brutopia, which means that Danielle and myself (and possibly Lisa, when I get around to inviting her) will be going there first for raspberry blondes (which is a lager, not a kind of person) and then ginger beer. Oh yes.
Tomorrow I'm planning on shopping in cheap outlet type places. Six months with just the clothes I can fit in a suitcase means that I'm now rather bored of what I have (it's a hard life, isn't it?) so it's time for some retail therapy!
That's all for now. I do quite like being able to use a computer lab with high speed internet (although they don't have FireFox, which I think is a serious error and results in me having many many windows open at once) so I think I'll be more inclined to update more often. Hahaha you don't get to escape my ramblings (well yes, you do, but it's not nice to ignore me).

Coffee is thicker than water...


Syrrys said...

I really like your (nearly) daily blog updates!
Keep them up! :)

Mum said...

Hi, nice to see your back to blogging. I will start checking again more often.

Great chat up to now.

1 - please do not keep telling everyone you revised for your a levels in a pub. It looks bad on me. My plea of not knowing because I was working hard to get you through college is lame.

2 - Shopping - Did you return Robs suitcase? remember you have to carry the clothes home eventually. Plus you room will require a de-junk before you can add anything else.

Am I sounding motherly? I'd better go home and have a drink.