Thursday, March 23, 2006

It's been a week?

Really? Wow...
So I talked to the immigration lawyer, she said that basically the immigration people will just turn me down if I simply ask for an extension as they'll assume I'm just trying to work illegally. Silly American immigration, not everyone wants to live in the States! She suggested that I register for classes instead, so most of last week was sending off frantic emails to colleges in Chicago asking them about their summer courses... I'm thinking something completely unrelated to my degree would be nice, perhaps photography (then I can learn how to use Rob's fancy camera) or philosophy or comparative religions... something "fun". Still waiting for replies from most of them though. Boo.
St Patrick's Day weekend was a lot of fun, if a lot of the same place. We ended up in the Cock and Bull on Friday as it was the only place without queues to get in of about 2 blocks, and the guys were playing there on Saturday so we were there again... but it was good, the atmosphere was great and we made friends with the staff of the newly-opened kitchen (which is always important I feel). Saturday daytime involved lots of watching films and general chilling out, and Sunday we tried to catch the parade but pancakes came first so we missed it... we still caught the hordes of people enjoying being able to drink on the street though. Surprisingly it wasn't too bad, there was a festival kind of atmosphere rather than the "let's get drunk and cause trouble" that tends to happen in Britain.
But now I'm ill, and it sucks. The other girl in my class was ill last week, and now both me and the teacher are coughing away quite merrily... So I took two days off class, and am still the only one in today. Four hours of French when your head feels like cotton wool is challenging!
Anyways, back to it with a coffee I think. I've got an appointment with someone to see whether I can get more meds here (the ones Gulya bought me in Russia are running out) so I have to hang around here till 3... I'll no doubt write some more when I have nothing better to do. Don't you all feel loved? :P

Coffee is thicker than water...


Mum said...

Hi, sorry your not well hope you get better soon. Does you insurance cover the meds?
Are pancakes tranditional fare on St Patricks day in Canada or did you just decide you wanted some.
I cheated this pancake day and bought 2 packets of frozen, unfortuntley Amy was at your Dads and I skipped tea visting Grandie, so we have 2 packs left.
Amy will be pleased if you study Philosophy as she is looking to study this with Phychology as a joint honours degree. It depends on which Uni she picks, some she has applied for Phychology and Sociology.

avatar_of_cunning said...

I don`t think pancakes are traditional, we just wanted them... with lots of chocolate chips. Mmm.

And Amy tells me to inform you that she isn`t doing sociology, just psychology (not phycology!) and philosophy... she was most offended when I talked to her on Sunday :)