Thursday, November 24, 2005

Another week done

Since I have a three-day weekend :)
Although I may well make that a four-day weekend, since the teacher we have on a Thursday is... how can I say... not my best friend. In fact, she hates me and I can't say I love her either. <Shrug>
But she doesn't warrant too much space on my blog, so I'll move on...
Everybody needs to cross their fingers for snow! I don't understand how it can be consistently below freezing and yet the snow and ice can still melt... it's not as if they bother to salt the roads or anything here, there are enough car crashes when there's no ice for it to make any difference. And yet it appears that Britain is going to get snow, while ours is "walking away", as the Russians will have it (although only in one direction and only once, which means it's a very specific verb in Russian... silly verbs of motion). But we want to go skiing tomorrow, and for that we need snow. Which isn't forthcoming. 
Wow all I seem to do recently is complain!
More cheerfully, I have a place to live in Montreal, which is exciting. It's a bit of a convoluted chain though, are you ready... Rob's brother Peter did his degree in Montreal, and lived with a guy called Brian (who I have met). Brian is now living with two other guys (who I haven't met), since Pete has moved to Winnipeg. One of these guys is going off on a cruise ship for 4 months, but wants to keep his room. So, I'm going to sublet his room while he's off working on a boat, and when he gets back I should be leaving the country anyways so as not to overstay my "visa". Yay chance and happenstance! Now I just need the Y to love me and want to pay me...
Tonight is going to be another of those weird ones... We were drafted in to talk to the second year English students at uni, as seems to be the norm around here, and they thought that doing a guide to Krasnoyarsk for next year's students would be fun/ a good project to practice their English on. We agreed, but now we need to meet up with them to decide what to put in it. Well, it'll be more informal than that.
The problem is that we attract randoms on a fairly regular basis, which is a little disconcerting, if a big ego boost... last week was a prime example. We were sitting in a cafe, and a woman comes over with a piece of paper, which she asks us to read. So we did. It was an invitation for us to come and talk English (why can I not type that? Keeps coming out as Englsih) in some school, which had been written by her son who had overheard us talking in English last time we were in that cafe but had been too shy to come over. So sweet! But we really don't have enough time to take on another school, so we had to say no. And twice this week we've been welcomed to Siberia by someone who's heard us talking English. Also sweet, but we've been here 3 months now! I do quite like being welcomed though, it's better than being scowled at. (Swearing doesn't bother me, because I don't understand it!)
I really hope FedEx tells me when they're going to send my tickets or they'll end up in the US for a third time... but now it's Thanksgiving and no-one wants to tell me anything... grr.
That's all for now, going to teach some kids how to play hangman or something.
Coffee is thicker than water...


Bob said...

Hi Sara, I'm amazed at your output - I think you missed your vocation, have you thought about taking up travel writing? You'd be wonderful at it and it sounds like the kind of lifestyle you would enjoy:-) you could be our very own personal Bill Bryson.

avatar_of_cunning said...

If someone will pay me to travel, I could quite happily do that. But I think I'd need to travel first and then try to be published, and that's not quite so much fun!

Syrrys said...

one word... journalism