Sunday, May 13, 2007

Orals are finished!

Orals are done! This makes me a happy girl. I actually enjoyed my French one, in a strange sort of way. I was talking about human trafficking, which some of you will know that I'm rather passionate about (the extermination of, not the act itself). This lead on to why people are trafficked, and all the usual questions - the examiners seemed actually interested, which is good. Then came the rather surprising question, "So why do you think men visit prostitutes?" I didn't really have an answer for that! Talking to my friend later, she told me that I should have said "Have you seen their wives?" Alas, I am not so witty.

Last night was the customary post-oral Hounds (club night at the Union, officially called 'Planet of Sound'). It was free! Which was probably a good job, considering that when we walked in we doubled the number of people there. It did fill up later, although mostly with fourth-years. There's something wrong with this picture - why are the finalists getting drunk and the freshers staying in? I clearly am not the right kind of person for this academia thing.

Anyway, Hounds was fun as ever, especially when I got talking to a couple of guys. One of them, a 28 year old with bleached hair, Matrix-style coat and 'anarchy' tattoos (I don't think he realised that it was, in fact, a hexagram and not an anarchy symbol) told me that I should dye my hair, become a witch and "express my personality so that people can't ignore it". Given that my hair is currently purple and he was proclaiming his 'difference' and 'individuality' to everyone near him, I laughed. Hard. Something about the irony of being told that if I was a more individual person by the guy who looked like every other goth anarchist wannabe I've ever seen made me feel this was the appropriate response.

It was made better later when his friend decided I was a lesbian. He could "tell by the way I was standing", and the fact that I'm in a relationship that's been going for almost four years was "just me lying to myself". Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket is the best way for me to deal with that.

And this is why I think drunk people are funny.

In other news, my stepmum has contracted another infection, so she's back on antibiotics. She should be ok, it's just a setback that isn't really wanted.

My exams finish in 17 days. This is a Good Thing, for then I shall go climbing in Wales!

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