Monday, May 07, 2007

Sunday, 6th May

I had my Russian speaking exam yesterday. I think it went ok, but mostly I'm just really glad it's over.

As a reward I spent the rest of the afternoon in the Student's Union drinking Pimms on the balcony overlooking the river. That was a convoluted sentence. It was good, sitting in the sun and relaxing for an afternoon. Then later a bunch of us went out for dinner, and then I was extraordinarily tired so I went to bed while the rest went out for more drinks. Must be getting old.

Today I need to stop idly wandering the interweb and get on with essays and things, but that sounds like it requires intellectual effort and that's just not good. I have a 2500 word essay on translation theory, and the rest of the lesbian sex essay to get done for Friday, as well as a presentation in French on human trafficking for the other oral exam which is also on Friday. I'd like to be organised one day, I hear it's really useful!

But, only 23 days to go and my degree is done.

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