Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I wish I could understand the news here. We learned about the madness in France only by chance, when a teacher mentioned it to us when we were talking about our future plans for the year abroad.
The film "9 Rota" was excellent, although very very sad. Sorry to all those who got texts saying confusing things like "That was awful... but brilliant" cos that doesn't make any sense... Truly well filmed, and just amazing (but heart-wrenching). Needless to say, I'm going to buy it and inflict it on all of you too :) (there are versions with English subtitles out there, so that won't be an excuse!)
Just read this on the BBC website - "The [US] Senate has passed legislation banning torture, but the Bush administration is seeking an exemption for the CIA spy agency." This scares me quite a lot.
And now, having caught up on the news thanks to the BBC, I'm off to write letters and drink coffee while waiting to go and see the opera (yes aren't we posh?!) "Evgeny Onegin". It's an epic poem by Pushking, turned into an opera by Tchaikovsky. So now you know.

Coffee is thicker than water...


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