Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Post offices

What is it with Russian post offices? First there were no stamps, then the computer wasn't working. I gave up that day. Then today there was a break just as I was trying to send my parcel (in Russia, as soon as it's time for a break, they're having that break come hell or high water... English girls trying to send parcels are neither of these things and therefore can safely be ignored). Oh and apparently you can't send clothes that aren't new in a parcel... so I lied in my best "confused foreigner" way. <shrug> if you're going to have silly rules, I'm going to break them! Such a rebel. My favourite thing of all, though, was being asked to write the number 9 "normally". Now, my handwriting is by no means perfect, but numbers are generally discernable (ooh good word). Silly Russians.
So having caused a very long queue of Russians to all chant out the price together (cos she said it too quickly and I didn't follow) I no longer need to go back to the post office! This is a cause for celebration. As Vicki said, "I hate the post office... and all who sail in her!" I am aware that the post office is not a boat, but still... it's a good phrase.
Still no news on when my tv debut will be. This is not necessarily a bad thing! Will try to get some copies of it though.
In other news (why do I sound like a newsreader?), Travelocity are rapidly losing my respect. Having sent out my tickets (which I need in less than a month) and had them returned because the Russian courier was far too lazy to do his job and called at the flat only once, leaving no card or any sign that he had ever been there (honestly he may well be a ghost, or a figment of a diseased imagination), I got an email telling me to call a number and give them more info. I duly did this, buying a phone card so I could call the US without bankrupting my haziaika, and then spent a very long time trying to explain to the woman I eventually got through to that I was in RUSSIA, which was why there was a) no state and b) funny names. Then we went through whether Siberia was a country or not (nope, sure isn't) and whether Russia and the Russian Federation was the same thing (yep, they sure are). Eventually I managed to get out of her that my tickets would be re-sent (huzzah!) and that I'd get an email with a tracking number so I could call them again and find out when they'd be delivered (and therefore when to stay at home to sign for them). There was no chance of them being sent without needing a signature (despite the fact that the airline themselves would do that, and have previously).
I don't have that email yet. This is a problem.
Another problem is that the cat died on Friday. She's been around for 15 years, so it was sad.
But, we're going skiing on Friday :) the others went last weekend, but I was too tired :( silly not getting to sleep until 5am! So I'm quite excited about that.
What else... oh yeah, Gulya found out that she could buy my meds without a prescription because she "looked like a normal person". So now might be my chance to stock up on half-price meds! (Half the prescription price that is) as long as I don't get stopped at customs :)
That's all, am off home to eat before yoga. It's quite relaxing, but I don't understand what she's saying so after "close your eyes" I have to keep peeking to check what's going on...
Coffee is thicker than water...



Indith said...

Skiing!!! I want to go!!! Greg has discovered he can get 4 days a week in in Germany. Soooo jealous.

avatar_of_cunning said...

Hmm well we may not be able to ski, looks like Britain is getting more snow than we have here! I don't understand it, it was supposed to be cold. -2C is not cold. I want a refund!