Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Russia really gets me sometimes

Strange things keep happening. Usually it's fairly low key, but today seems to be the day of annoying Sara.
Why is it that I can't seem to send letters from a post office? I tried 2 different ones today - the first didn't have stamps. Yes, that's right, the main post office in the centre of town did not have stamps. Hmm. The second one I'm not sure what happened. She said there were stamps, but then she took my letters and my money and didn't give me any stamps, or put them on my letters. Instead the last I saw of them they were just sitting on the desk, with her writing numbers in the corner of the envelopes. At that point I was holding up the scrum of Russians who wanted to send letters to the Ukraine (and already had stamps, I don't know where from) and complain about the cost. So I left. People may or may not get their letters by March. Sorry.
Also, persuaded my haziaika Olga to phone FedEx in Moscow to organise where my plane tickets (at least that's what I think they are) will be sent. I got an email from them asking me to confirm my addess over the phone, and I did try, but when I called once the office was closed (silly time difference) and teh next time I just got the information line for Krasnoyarsk. How I don't know, but I did. So I gave up, and asked Olga if she'd do it. No problem... today she phoned them, and started to look concerned about 20seconds into the call. This is never a good sign. It's quite hard to worry a Russian. Then she phoned another couple of numbers, each time explaining what was going on. Apparently the tickets were delivered just fine, Rob had put my address in teh system flawlessly. However, they sat in Moscow for a week before someone noticed that they were for Krasnoyarsk, which is always fun, and then the courier here decided that plane tickets are not important and only called round with them once before sending them back to Moscow. Why he didn't a) leave a note saying he'd called and there was no-one home, b) try more than once, c) get a neighbour to sign for them, d) leave them in the post box (which is padlocked) or any number of other things that you'd think would be possible in Russia given the lax state of things here I don't know, but they're now either in or on their way back to Moscow. They may even be on their way back to Travelocity in the States, I'm not sure. There's yet another number to be called tomorrow, so we'll see what that says...
The other excitement of the day relates to a passing comment I made much earlier about possibly being on TV. I thought I'd misunderstood, but apparently not - I had a phone call today from the TV lady asking me if I was free on Wednesday from 2 till 5pm... all a bit odd. Apparently it's not just me - they'll be in the last part of our lesson with Gulya, so all the Kras crew and our favourite diminutive Russian will be on TVK at some point! I'm still not sure what they're going to want to do... I think just follow me around and try to get me to talk Russian. Good luck with that, I say!
More when I'm famous!
Sara xx

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Bob said...

Hi Sara, A superstar in our midst's (if that's how you spell it). Still sounds as if you're having a good time though!!
Bec and I are down to 3 weeks last Sunday and counting - suitcases are upstairs waiting to be packed, can't wait now.
Not sure if we ever sent you this one http://bobdavies.blogspot.com/- Bob's blog (I know Amy hasn't got it due to not having an e-mail address!! and I thought all the younger generation were more computer literate than we are). Anyway good luck with your tickets and catch you soon. Love Sue

avatar_of_cunning said...

Hola, yup I've got that address and keep checking it, although usually when I'm on a computer that won't let me see pictures. Hmm. But have fun (as if you need telling) and I'll write more soon xx