Friday, November 11, 2005

We're just too busy

Who would have thought that such a simple thing as being English would get you such a social life? We just keep getting adopted by various Russians who want to entertain us!
The concert thing on Monday that we got volunteered for was hilarious. It was more like a talent show than a concert, with some guy on the balalaika and the (really intensely questioning) twins demonstrating some gymnastics... and then us doing a campfire-type skit along the lines of "If I were not in Krasnoyarsk, I would be..." and then having different professions - with actions! I was in the precarious position of having Christine swinging her arm over my head (and often forgetting to stop when the rest of us did, with the result that I was smacked in the face) on one side, and Ben pretending to be a footballer and taking a penalty kick over my head on the other side while I ducked and tried desperately not to get a kick in the face in front of about 150 people. Exciting! But afterwards we all went to a place called smaik (cmauk, if I could persuade the Russian keyboard to actually type in Cyrillic) which is cheap and has lots of skis in it, bizarrely, where we met up with a load of hte first years who'd also been in the show and who came over and were generaly rowdy with us for a while. Then they were heading off to a club, but we arranged to go out on Friday (tonight) instead. Whether any of them will actually turn up tonight remains to be seen, but it'll be fun anyways!
Then tomorrow the head of the language school we're teaching at wants to take us all to her dacha, which will be very cool although she does want to leave at about 10am, which after a Russian club might be interesting. Maybe we just won't sleep. After that, also on Saturday, there's some kind of weird party thing at the museum (I don't really understand either) where someone called Vika will be with her American friend who wants to meet us so that he can speak English, as he says he never gets to do that here. Sunday we have tickets for Swan Lake (oh yes, I'm so excited!) which cost us all of 150R (about GBP3) - bargain! And then it's Monday again, and we're supposed to have done some work at some point...
So it's all a little crazy here at the moment. Only a month left now until we leave Krasnoyarsk (sob) and head over to Moscow for a few days, and then I get to go to Chicago and see my boy! Which is also very exciting. Whew.
But then again, being busy is good. Although we never do seem to have time to do anything, because we're always doing other stuff!
I'll stop now, time to go and meet the others and have a look for presents for people...
Sara xx

Coffee is thicker than water...

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Mum said...

Hi sara, I'm off to see swan lake next year, the famous Russian ballet group who's name I cannot spell are coming to Salford Quays. I had to pay £50.00 luckily i did not ask Amy to join me and Amy did not ask if she could come. Currently in Oslo again, speak to you soon