Friday, November 04, 2005

It's cold here now

It's finally becoming more like the Siberia I was expecting! Apparently it's about -10C today, which isn't bad for the 3rd of November. The town looks a lot prettier in the snow!
Apparently when it gets really cold we get steam from the Yenisei. I found this hard to believe, but it's all scientific (probably why I didn't understand it). <Puts on white coat and intelligent-sounding voice> You see, the Yenisei doesn't freeze due to the fact that there's hydro-electric dams on it which keeps the temperature up (cos trying to get electricity from ice is a little hard). So, when the temperature around the river is much lower than the temperature of the river, you get steam all over the city. Sophie described it was being like a city-sized banya! I don't think it's going to be that warm Sophie, but...
This is a sad story. The lift wasn't working one morning so I walked down the stairs and found a tiny puppy cowering in the corner. There was a piece of cardboard and a bowl of something there too, so I assume he wasn't completely abandoned, but he just looked so sad and pathetic... I picked him up and stroked him a bit, and he seemed happier, but when I put him down he couldn't even stand up and just fell over and then lay and stared at the wall again. It was like he was trying not to be there. I had to go to uni and couldn't take him with me, but I made up my mind that if he was still there when I got home something was going to have to happen. But he wasn't, and I haven't seen him since. I hope that means that he was taken in by whoever owned him, but I can't be sure. I really hope he's ok though.
What else? Oh yes, it turns out that I had understood the woman from the TV station correctly. She phoned my haziaika to check it was ok (or something) and so I was greeted at home by her being all excited and me trying to follow what was happening (as is usual). When she'd calmed down a bit, I managed to understand that she'd been called by the TV person, and that something involving me being on TV was definitely going to happen. She said something about "after the 19th", so as soon as I know more I'll post it!
Going to see the film "9 Rota" (9th Company) today. It's THE Russian film of the moment, and it starts in Krasnoyarsk! The rest of the group have already seen it, but I was ill :( so Sophie and Christine said they'd watch it again at the cinema so I could get the full effect... Ben was confused, since both he and Christine (and possibly Sophie) have the DVD with English subtitles, but the girls were adamant that I needed to see it at the cinema. It's supposed to be really sad, everyone I know who's seen it (ie everyone) has said they cried. Boys too. Maybe I should go and stock up on tissues.
If it's good, I'll buy it too and then I can inflict it on everyone, hahaha!
That's all for now, hope everyone is good etc etc xx

Coffee is thicker than water...


Syrrys said...

I still want to hear the rest about Mongolia!!! :P

I hope the puppy is ok too, it's exciting that your going to be on TV tho!

avatar_of_cunning said...

you can wait till I see you and then you can have the photo experience too. *nods decisively* so there.

Bob said...

Hi Sara, as usual you sound good - can't wait to see all the photo's :-). Love Sue