Monday, November 14, 2005

The weekend of frantic busyness

This weekend (or in fact week) has been pretty crazy. Friday involved shopping (well really, it has to be done) and after much deliberation a trip to Gagarin, one of hte clubs here in Krasnoyarsk. This should have been a simple matter, however nothing in Russia is simple. Allow me to explain. "If we get there before 12, it'll be free for girls. Otherwise it's 300roubles". Excellent, it's now 10.30 and we're on our way. "OK, stay quiet and walk in with a Russian, in pairs so the bouncer doesn't think we're a group and tries to charge us anyway". Ok, no problem, we lurk around the corner in pairs and go in at intervals. I go in with Julia, who's very cool (and also complimented my Russian - it's amazing what a little Dutch courage does for your language!). She walks past the bouncer without a problem, I (dutifully staying silent and affecting the Russian bored look which I've practiced on buses) get stopped by an arm that almost clotheslines me. Julia asks why, the bouncer doesn't answer but it's clear he thinks I should buy a ticket. We both go outside to wait for Ulyana. She arrives, Julia (sadly) leaves, we try again. Same result - Ulyana walks in, I get stopped. I throw caution to the wind, and ask the guy what I need to do to get in. He answers "Buy a ticket." (Well, makes sense, but I was angry). I shake my head, storm off down the stairs, buy a ticket, come back up and practically throw it at him (not quite cos he's a big guy and I don't want to get beaten up) and then he has the cheek to want to inspect my bag. I don't have a bag - just a kind of purse on long string (sounds weird, looks good). I summon all the venom I can and muttering "What can I possibly have in my bag, blah blah blah" and give the dirtiest look I've ever managed. I was proud of it. He seemed immune.
After that it was a good night though, despite the strippers. Apparently they're a normal part of club life here, who knew?
Saturday was another of those surreal days. We went to the dacha owned by our boss at the language school. It was amazing, log fires and the biggest kebabs I've ever seen! Too much food, as is traditional, wine, tea etc... and playing in the snow with 2-month-old puppies. So cute! We got very high-pitched and girly over them, so Ben got jealous and tried to pelt everyone (and the dogs) with snowballs. Hmm.
We've just been to see Swan Lake, possibly the most beautiful thing ever, although now I want to be a ballerina. This is not a good thing, as I possibly have the least style and grace of any aspiring ballerina ever... those of you who've seen me after a few know exactly what I mean!
Well, should be off now, uni tomorrow and then more teaching... not actually had time to do any of the homework yet, could be a late night!
Sara xx
Coffee is thicker than water...

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Indith said...

I saw the nutcracker last night...same result.

Do you mean you don't always get your bag searched? everywhere searches bags here! Even the supermarkets have metal detectors!